Records and archives

The National Geological Records Centre (NGRC) holds a unique archive of documents created during the past two and a half centuries. The archive continues to grow rapidly through data collected by BGS staff and deposited by industry and academia. The centre is a 'place of deposit' under the terms of the Public Records Act (see Legal framework: policies and forms).

Data is continually being gathered to support and improve the understanding of geology and environment for the benefit of the nation.

Depositing, finding and using records

Records storageDepositing records

A wide range of records are deposited at the NGRC, e.g. site investigation records, borehole logs, mine plans and more.

People looking at a computer screen Finding records

Looking for a particular type of record? Information on borehole records, site investigation reports, geological maps, mine plans and more can all be found here.

Abstract machinery Using records

Links to online applications and visiting hours.

Mineral Records holdings

Records are available online and can be viewed in specific consultation areas; limited borrowing is allowed.

Background and history

The Museum of Practical Geology, Jermyn Street by J P Emslie, 1875 Archives

The BGS archives collection dates back to before the start of the Survey in 1835 including geologists' working papers and diaries. There are also large collections relating to the Overseas Geological Survey and to mineral resources.

Archives awareness campaign logo Archive awareness

The BGS hosts an annual archive awareness event to demonstrate the variety of its archive holdings and their value to science.

Box files and maps Comprehensive records catalogue

An overview of records held within the NGDC. Some records are available online and others can be viewed in specific consultation areas or made available for limited borrowing.

Caption Legal framework

The full history of legislation affecting the rights and obligations of the BGS. This section covers BGS’s rights to data and also its obligations.

Cartographer Records and archives gallery

Images illustrating the range of records and archives available.


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