BGS Informatics manages the wealth of geoscience data, information and other materials for the long-term benefit of the UK. We have a world-class reputation for the collection and curation of these data.

BGS Informatics is also responsible for making these data widely available, embracing new technologies for its collection and assimilation and designing bespoke systems for capturing, accessing and their onward delivery.

National Geoscience Data Centre
National Geological Repository

The BGS is the designated NERC National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC) and is the national UK repository for geoscience data derived from UK industry, international scientific collaboration and academic research.

The National Geological Repository (NGR) is a national geoscience facility, host to unique collections of cores, samples and specimens.

Mobile applications
Geoscience data services
Open data access

We are experts in the development of software, mobile applications and services that enable users to interact with geoscience data and information. We are known as an exemplar organisation for our delivery of open data and our digital field-data capture software is used globally by other geological institutes and universities.


Our collections are both digital and analogue and our systems have evolved to provide ease of access to all of our data assets by creating digital derivatives where possible, and managing the easy retrieval of material where it is not. As a result we have a wealth of experience in managing legacy analogue and digital data and incorporating them into new and updated systems.

What is BGS Informatics?

Data access

We manage a wealth of geoscience data, information and other materials for the long-term benefit of the UK and the rest of the world.

Informatics projects

Third part apps

We work on a diverse range of projects, from building our own applications for accessing our data to working with international collaborators.

What we can do for you

myVolcano app

We have the expertise and skills to help you make the most of your data assets.

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Some of the collaborative geoinformatics projects and initiatives we have been involved in across Europe and beyond.


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We have vast experience in the development and hosting of commercial geoinformatics projects.


Our highly skilled staff are specialists in a wide range of fields.


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